illex is founded on the aesthetic principles of the 1920s literary magazine The Dial. The magazine promoted artistic creativity, innovation, and originality.

Contributors to The Dial worked with an untainted naturalness, an authentic vision, and an elevated concept of life. In this same way, illex promotes artists whose work possesses authenticity, intensity of impression, and a fundamentally uplifting aesthetic. In addition to featuring the work of talented artists, illex also offers thematic interviews that aim to illuminate the artistic process of contributors. 

In 1921 Dial editor James Sibley Watson wrote:

Art ought to present the human soul outside every law
Hatred of all determinism 
Hunt for the feeling of surprise 

"illex" is latin for "lawless"

illex is art without laws

illex is art without determinism 

illex is the hunt for the feeling of surprise 

For inquiries and submissions, please contact via email

illex is edited by scott w. h. young and robert h. young, jr.

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