Ana Cuba

In the summer of 2009 Spanish photographer Ana Cuba travelled to her childhood home-away-from-home in Corbelle, where she created images full of life and memory. We’ve asked her a few questions about her experience.

Please enjoy her photographs and her interview :)

You’ve written on your blog that your Corbelle series was inspired by annual summer visits to this small Spanish village. You wrote that you often visited Corbelle as a child but only recently did you return with a camera. How have these years since childhood affected the perspective you have now?

The truth is that there are now two “Corbelles” in my head, the one I remember from my childhood, and the one I discovered two years ago with photography. It’s said that photograhy is useful for discovering how the world looks in photographs. Well, I think that is exactly what happened with Corbelle. I needed a camera to see how beautiful is Corbelle, and I’m not talking about landscape, I’m referring to Corbelle as the two houses who belong to my family and make up the most important part of this project. Meanwhile I really see how beautiful has become Corbelle in my mind through my pictures, my family is still surprised about people taking interest in this pictures, which represent something absolutely trivial for them.

While much of your work is portraiture of people, your Corbelle series focuses more strongly on light and place. For you how does it compare to photograph a person or a single room or a ray of light?

The proccess itself is quite similar actually, the difference is that people must be patient with me, a single room not and with a ray of light, it’s me who has to be patient waiting for it.

How do you view a room or a place differently when you have a camera with you as opposed to when you are without a camera?

It’s not about having a camera with me or not, I see things completely different once I’ve taken a picture of them. I have to take pictures of a room to get to know how will it look in the picture.

what do you find most rewarding about photography?

I don’t really know…maybe I still have to find it.

please visit Ana’s Flickr and website for more vibrant photography.

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