Emily Callahan

Emily Callahan, our first illex photographer, works with bold and fresh creativity. Please enjoy her photographs and her interview :)

Your work possesses a strong intensity of impression. how were you inspired to create these “shifted” images?

Going into my ways of shifting my pictures really began with the thought of wanting to do something that i had never really seen done before. That thought alone inspired me to start using lines and to sort of transform things in my photos that made the picture seem a little more interesting, that made the viewer look at it in a different light perhaps. I’m really inspired by everything around me. Sometimes a certain word coming from someone else will bring an idea to my head, or natural lines or shapes that i see outside will give me an idea. My inspiration comes from every direction.

If experience forms the content of one’s creations, what has been a significant experience for you and your photography?

I think a huge event that happened for me with my photography was moving from Ohio to Texas in 2007. Here i was with a new climate, new faces, a new perspective. It was all so much to take in and photography became my outlet. I began to have a sense of urgency to take photos and ideas would always come to me. To this day, it has become such a huge part of my life. Shooting with film was also pretty big to me; there’s something so personal and special about it. I think it taught me more about photography and how things work a little better. Ever since then, it’s what i mainly shoot with these days. I just can’t stop!

What do you find most rewarding about photography?

Photography, to me, is the best way to show who i am as a person. It can be incredibly personal, but can be viewed in many different ways by others. It’s so fulfilling; to create something that is your own, and nobody else’s is like nothing else. It’s that thing that puts my brain to work and makes me want to do more and more.

Please visit Emily’s Flickr for more adventurous photography.

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