Amandine Freyd

illex welcomes French photographer Amandine Freyd. Through an instinctive expression of light and color, Amandine creates diptychs and triptychs that possess a tranquil sense of poetic harmony. Hers is a refreshing vision of beauty and possibility.

Please enjoy her work and her interview.

Your diptychs and triptychs are very intriguing. You present images that contain harmonious and beautiful imagery. Please discuss the combination of these works, how these images engage with one another, and how they are, in a way, looking upon one another.

My diptychs and triptychs are made of photographs combined either according to an aesthetic concept or because of the atmosphere that their light conveys.

They are not a series, but several pictures put together to create new room for interpretation. I like the idea that images can meet and even confront each other. Face to face, they grow beyond the frame into a new scope, gaining new shades.

Themes apparent in your work include light play, homeland and homecoming, and greenery and foliage. Please discuss your interest in these themes or any others that you would like to mention.

I am a romantic, and such is my photography. Terribly so.

"Romanticism may foremost be the desire to unite with the forces of nature while hoping to be led and even absorbed by them."

My photographic practice is instinctive, almost primitive. I am attracted to free forms of nature such as the wilderness of an English garden. I seek to combine a form of poetry with the ordinary world. Light is the main character of my pictures. Its different shapes outline the writing of their script.

Please visit Amandine’s Website and Flickr for more.

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